Students are great potential resource for national development and such potentialities can be harnessed by providing them the opportunity and incentives to involve in voluntary sustainable development activities during vacation periods. Engaging students in this way, gives them the opportunity to participate and contribute to development; provides them practical experience on the field; and moreover, resourcing them financially through payment of allowances to supplement their semesters’ budgets.

Why students seem to be the focused group for membership?

  • Students seem to be emphasized as the main target because, by virtue of their formal education it is assumed that they can take the leadership positions with regard to technical aspect of project planning/management, but membership is opened to everybody (student or non-student) because everyone is a potential actor for sustainable development.

What, if I become a member?

  • Members are automatically assured of employment as long as projects in the rural communities in Ghana are not finished and funding for such projects are available and also remember that development is a process and for that matter there is an assurance of continuity of projects. Members are considered as ‘soldiers/volunteers’ to take upon themselves solutions of social, economic, and environmental problems in the rural communities in Ghana.
  • Only registered members are allowed to involve in implementation of SBOSD projects except where technical aspect of a project is beyond knowledge of members.
  • Members will acquire knowledge on project planning/management and on sustainable development issues.
  • Active members will periodically be selected from various districts to build their capacity abroad to enhance the implementations of SBOSD’s rural projects within their respective districts under full sponsorship of SBOSD.
  • Transitional student members will not be bore whilst waiting for their results to pursue higher education because they will be occupied in return for wages.
  • Student members are assured of employment during vacations (and consequently assured of needs for school through wages accumulated)
  • Non-Student members are very lucky because they are available for all projects within their district as long as funding for the projects is available. All things being equal, they are assured of employment all year round.
  • Non-Student members who have the potential to increase knowledge will have the opportunity to be enrolled in SBOSD Training programs on sustainable development issues.
  • Above all, the activities of SBOSD engage members such that they are free from social vices.