sam_1939Student Business Organization for Sustainable Development (SBOSD) is an organization legally established to provide sustainable development programmes and projects to educate people on Economic, Social and Environmental resource management as well as provision of social services in the rural communities for the benefit of the rural populace. We also provide maintenance and rehabilitation services on existing facilities.

SBOSD is a non-governmental organization and therefore devoid of politics.
It is a Not for-Profit Organization established purposely to provide education on resource management and other sustainable development related projects basically in the rural communities in Ghana. The activities of SBOSD have potential externalities such as mitigating rural urban drift through provision of basic needs for the rural populace such as; provision of farm inputs and training, provision of boreholes, maintaining and resourcing social services such as health and educational facilities which are in deplorable state through the help of benevolent donors and collaborative efforts from foreign charitable agencies and diplomatic missions in Ghana.

The idea of SBOSD is a responsive step to the increasing population of Ghana and the need to ensure better standard of living for all, most especially the rural people because it is identified that they are mostly deprived.

Analysis and consideration of the population explosion in Ghana and the limited natural resources endowed, SBOSD is informed to complement the efforts already made by other agencies to ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability as stated in the MDG’s.

The projects of SBOSD are in harmony with the pressing needs of Ghanaians today and proactively include the needs of future generations because it recognizes the relevance of grassroots participation. It aspires for an improved and sustainable standard of living for all Ghanaians.

The drive or motivation of SBOSD to ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability is the identification of inefficient management of economic, social and environmental resources in the country and consequently exposing the posterity into danger. It is therefore prudent to ensuring good management and sustainable development interventions of the resources to ensure better lives today and the future and leave behind legacy of good leadership for future generations.


SBOSD seeks to provide better standard of living for Ghanaians today and the posterity.


Student Business Organization for Sustainable Development is concerned with ensuring economic, social and environmental resource sustainability through sustainable development programmes and projects.

SBOSD stands to:

  • sensitize Ghanaians and inculcate in them the dangers exposed to our present lives and that of the future generations due to unsustainable development practices in our daily activities.
  • provide students/members who are potential leaders with practical experience by involving them in the field projects in the rural communities.
  • provide rehabilitation and maintenance services on existing facilities in the rural communities which are in dilapidated state.
  • provide social and economic services (such as boreholes, small scale industries, resourcing educational facilities with textbooks, ICT materials and other materials, empowering farmers to increase productivities etc) in the rural communities.


SBOSD Core Values

  • Respect
  • Equity
  • Sympathy
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork