SBOSD provides the following services for students who have interest to pursue higher education abroad

  • Admission  We secure admission for prospective students who want to study abroad.
  • Scholarship  We secure full and partial scholarships for prospective students who want to study abroad.
  • Study permit  Aside the admission and scholarship, we also provide technical advice on comprehensive study permit application.

Most foreign Universities require a specific English Proficiency

We offer tuition on foreign courses (IELTS, TOEFL, etc – which are requirements for admission into higher education abroad).

Comprehensive tuition is provided to students at the lecture hall of SBOSD.


Summer School Program
We enroll tertiary students on short courses abroad particularly during long vacations (from May to August every year)


  1. A relevant Degree or Diploma
  2. Should have studied for not less than a year
  3. Should present transcripts of their fields of study
  4. Passport size photo
  5. A photocopy of any of your national ID card (voter ID, National Insurance Card, passport etc.)
  6. Payment of registration fee of GHC 30.

Payment must be made through SBOSD Account or at the office.
Kindly send by email the receipt of payment just after deposit if payment is made through SBOSD’S account or present the receipt at the office.